Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i have been reading about probes doing rounds and finding ideal zone for extra terrestrial life. Now what is this ideal zone or the so -called comfort zone.

1. The temperature is just right

2. Oxygen is optimum

3. Water is present and a few other things.

Now i would believe that, these are the conditions for earth like creatures to exist, but why are scientist bent upon looking at these places for ET????

Their make might as well be completely different and they may not need oxygen but something else to survive.... they may not need sunlight or i do not know.... these probes which cost so much could probably be used to find an alternative home for humans but not as a means to find ET's

Am sure people at places like NASA have thought about this long back... but for some reason we keep getting news like this one


all said lets invest more on our dear earth... and make it a better place to live

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