Tuesday, August 19, 2008

iTunes to have a rival

Ex Apple employee now in Dell plans to hit back and hit big against Apple. Here is the excerpt from the article.

Apple looks nearly invincible in the market, but this in itself may be its most serious vulnerability. Today, record labels grumble about Apple's tight grip on their business, and many consumers are frustrated because the iPod works only with iTunes, at a time when there are many ways to get digital content. Imagine if you could download a song from Amazon.com and send it to the mobile phone of a friend or the car stereo of someone who has satellite radio. By creating one ├╝ber-market, Dell and its partners hope to persuade consumers to try new devices and services. "Apple wants to lock you in," says Robert Enderle, a consultant who has been briefed by Dell. "Dell wants to lock you in to choice."

Though i am a very big fan of Mac books but for some reason i have not liked iPOD. I wouldn't agree that iTunes has a very big hold. It might be to an extent true in US and i would say only to an extent. Either way who cares about iPod... yeah i agree that it is awesome but ..whatever.

Here is the complete story and lets wait till september..

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