Monday, February 27, 2006

kitne door ...kitne paas

ok! a week over and what did i do? last week end was whn i landed here.... din have much of Jetlag! din go out apart from travellin from home to office! wierd things here 1. These ppl have a weird way of doing everything the other way 2. Mobile has incoming charges (pathetic.....hmmm) 3. No public transport, again sucks but i am not sure if it is like this all over US. yesterday we wnt all the way to a place called anaheim to have indian food.... to find tat place was already booked.. so came back n ate near our place....hmmmm....! thas all for now folks... the chef in me is callin me .. hee hee

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

US of A

Wanted to post 3-4 days back, but seriously had no time to do… I am now in a place called Chino near Los Angeles. The journey was fine… I hated the s’pore – Hong Kong leg…. Man the flight was stinking inside (Cathay Pacific)… It’s been only 2 days now… my first impression about this place… it is dry, very less greenery (compared to good old Melbourne) Public transport is pathetic…again a big disadvantage… Will post lot more soon…

Friday, February 17, 2006


Now that vidya tempted me by reminding vaseegara from minnale, i thought of collecting some all list goes like this 1. Nee partha parvai - hey ram 2. Vassegara - Minnale 3. Iruvu kavidhai - sullan or something (heard this in TV) 4. Thenpaandi seemailae - nayagan 5. poo puthadhu - Mumbai Express 6. Raasathi una - 7. Piryae pirayae - Pithamagan 8. i forgot that songs name from moonram pirai any other song i am missing.. please lemme know..(i know i have listed only a fraction of good ones)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

0 1

Google reinvents itself very often and the latest buzz is google chat... this thing is integrated with your gmail account... you dont need to download google talk to chat with your friends anymore, atleast for the text based chat.. they have integrated the smtp based mail with chat...isn that intresting check this out bloggers check out google's analytics it is another awesome free service. Yahoo! i reckon is the leader in messenger service... its just awesome... let it be the photo sharing or the stealth settings... yahoo rocks! i guess google will catch up very soon. Then there is this VOIP software called voipStunt this thing claims that you can make free calls to a lot of places (the list is in the home page), i actually tried calling UK, US and Aus... it did work but after some 5-6 calls it is asking me to buy some credits to make free calls... i dont understand the logic, but yes it definately allowed me to make free calls to home phones. Intrested in remote desktop? then there is this (logmein), i dunno if it would beat RealVNC or TightVNC, logmein doesnt ask for the IPaddress to log in to your PC, the client once installed in your desktop takes care of that work. All you have to do is log into the site with your details and your desktop is all yours.... isn it simple.

Monday, February 06, 2006