Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bye bye 2004

I always thought that Year 2004 was not at all a happening year for me, but this year was the most devastating year in Peace times. The most celebrated week of a year around the world would definitely be the last week. Starting from Christmas to New year day. 2004's boxing day will be remembered for Natures fury. I have heard of Tsunami before, but never imagined that it would even visit India. It has left a lasting impression to those who have survived. As in the words of Collin powell "I haven't seen a battle field like this in my whole life" after seeing Banda Aceh. Those who want to do something about this just have a look at this site With all the modern technology and all the latest western Medicines we are still helpless to Mother Nature. Help is coming from all over the world, Nations are already pledging record amounts to those who are affected. The only concern now is how does all the money and relief material reach the actual affected people. People in Europe observed 3 mins silence and in India, media is just trying to politicize this issue. i keep seeing movie which say that india will become vallarsu(super power), i just hope in years to come india becomes nallarusu(good government). You dont have to be citizen to realise, one has to be a human. I am in mumbai and i bet half the people wont even know what is happening down south .... sick


thiru said...

"vallarsu(super power), i just hope in years to come india becomes nallarusu(good government)."

tht was a good one......I think u've really felt a lot.
now my kalasal,
U can try writing dialogues for vijayakanth movies.(just kiddin)

senthil natarajan said...

thanks thiru,
sorry for a late reply.... damn i keep saying sorry. nice talking to you today. keep calling