Monday, January 19, 2009

Hathway broadband connection review

I got my hathway broadband 3 months back, i got myself 1 - Mbps 4GB for 4-months, it costs Rs 1000 for 4 months and in case you run out of 4G in between u can call them and renew your subscription for another 4 months. So far i have not had any problem with the connection. Except for the fact that my VOIP device doesn't work properly.

i typically use 700 -800 MB of data every month so this plan is perfect for me. Here is a screen shot of the download from a good server

i have seen speeds reaching 105KBps and i am happy with it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chennai Sangamam

wishing you all a very happy pongal... this video i took at venkatnarayana road! the festive season at its best..

Monday, January 12, 2009

wireless charging station

i have always wondered why with all the technological advancements that we have made, we have not yet found a way to transmit power wirelessly. As it is with other achievements i have always believed that even this would be matter of time before which it really happens. I have not read anything great after the Tesla...

Today was seeing the presentations at the CES and i saw this and well i think this is the first step... i might be a mat which transfers power but as the guy says in the video they could ship it along with the laptops and lo! i wouldnt have to be worried about my chargers anymore... intersting...this would open up a lot of upgrades (enhancements)...