Friday, October 28, 2005

puyale puyale...

Have I ever seen raining like this in Chennai…? Probably no! Atleast I do not remember. It has been raining for almost 3-4 days but the rains were sporadic and not very heavy. It all started on Wednesday evening when the temperature dropped to 22, by night it was pouring and I wake up Thursday morning only to hear the rains pouring. They say it rained 19cms in just 5 hours. Now that is too much of rain for Chennai to withstand.

Though I knew many wouldn't come to office I took an auto to reach there( din want to waste a leave). Gosh the moment auto took left at kathipara junction and hit 100 feet road, it was like a lake. I was wondering will the auto ever make it. Just as I thought the auto stopped and you know what, even my legs were on the seat as water was inside the auto almost 3-4 cms from the floor.

The driver was desperate, each time he tried starting the auto I could only hear blup blup blup…. The water had entered the silencer as it was well below the water level. The guy said he will catch me another auto, I was in now way prepared to step into knee-deep water. Luckily his last try and auto started… god knows how?

Though I have been against auto drivers in Chennai, yesterday these people were in demand and were very special. They were charging at least 1.5 times the normal outrageous charge but still they were driving. This guy was a peculiar guy who was not at all worried about the rains. He was worried of two things:

  1. Some one had started the rumor that there was a crocodile in T.Nagar doraisamy subway ( adapaaavingala unga naala summa iruku mudiyadha?)
  2. Sivakasi (vijay's new movie is scheduled to release today and he had 75 tickets to distribute - he says thalai padam puyalae vandhaalum parkanum (rumba mukiyum ippo natuku)

When I got off in front of the office, one that he told me that touched my heart was… veetiku seekirom po sar… velai nalliki kuda parthukalam odumbu dhaan mukiyam. Hmm… would this happen in US or AUS… I don't even consider US after the Katrina riots… time when people should be helping each other they were looting…!!!

Having seen the rain… I would definitely say that, many things could not be avoided. I understand that the roads were bad, but then with such a down pour the water logging will be there at least for a day.

SUN TV was ready with the camera blaming the govt. Yes! A lot of improvement is needed, but for gods sake don't give us mock interviews. I am just fed up with the high drama interviews that it shows… for me most of the them look pre planned. Like the one yesterday one guy in the railway station is blaming that the electric train is not in time… and literally shouting on the camera that he was late to office. The tracks were submerged and anywhere in the world, trains don't run when the tracks are submerged and on top of that it is electric train, which needs electricity. The council had promptly shut down the power supply, just in case if some short circuit happens. SUN TV, you are always the first to blame people you get real thumbs down. (me not supporting jaya tv in any case)

Today morning it was totally different, the water is not even 5% of what it was yesterday… it is simply amazing. Life back to normal and what else do you need.

Chennai : lesson learnt – There are some wonderful people out there.

The storm drainage system that was built indeed works.

The life gets back to normal in matter of hours.

As the saying goes "vazha vandha vargalai vazha veikum Chennai ku jai"

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

sattai payyil ....

Yesterday while driving to office, I could faintly hear sutum vizhi chudarae song being played from gajini; I turned around there was an auto and a car, I thought someone playing the song inside the car. Then again when I reached ashok nagar signal I heard the same thing, I thought that this song has become very popular and is being played everywhere. Actually some 2-3 years back the song ‘o podu’ from Gemini was so popular that you could hear it at least once a day somewhere. Thinking in similar terms I was driving and once again I heard the same thing… oh man! Is this coincidence or something? Then I came to my place and once again heard…. What is this??? I looked around and finally figured out that; it was actually my mobile that was ringing all the while, and a day before Mr. Naresh was playing with it and promptly changed the ring tone. End result 3 missed calls.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

rain rain come again

It’s raining again after a break of 2-3 days. It’s good that it is raining in Chennai but the roads... Some cloud reader has predicted earth quake by reading clouds; now that’s interesting. Hey! You scientists out there, you still have not found an earth quake warning system; come here and get some tips from this guy. He says that for the last 20 odd years he has predicted earth quakes by just seeing the clouds. {Why the hell he din warn people? May be it took all that time to convince himself} what does he do keep staring at the sky??? That reminds me of the new coke ad which says “ sar ut tha hai coke pinae ke liya!” it shows a lot of situations where you raise your head like – to pray, to express to joy and some crap and in the end it says…. In a similar way you raise your head to drink coke…. (do I drink pepsi standing up side down?) whatever… There is one astrologer who claims that Chennai will witness floods, but when he can’t say, but he is sure that Chennai will witness { naan kuda dhaan soluvein that some day there will be flood in Chennai} Is this year having too many natural disasters or it’s just that we are hearing more of them? Whatever may be the case, one thing is for sure…. Mother nature is showing its fury and we are just helpless… it’s a warning sign and there is some major change happening to the tectonic plates. One good thing about this is the true nature of globalization is visible… remember tsunami, when so many countries came forward to help. Maybe nature wants to tell us “hey idiots stop fighting each other, you will be able to fight only if you have a place to fight”

Friday, October 14, 2005

this is how chennai looks after 2 days of rain... it was like crossing some ditch.

Friday, October 07, 2005

i am a doctor akela hoon bimaar hoon

Today I started to office pretty late. Actually I had told that I will be coming late, now don't ask me why.. as usual was not feeling well.

As I crossed vadapalani signal, the road was unusually empty. The very next signal was the one near the TCS office, even it had a green signal. I throttled a bit and as I crossed the signal I saw mama ( police) waving at someone. I don't bother to look at him again as I was sure that he was not waving at me.

I throttled a bit more and was kind of enjoying the ride. After some time I realized that I was driving a bit fast and to my amaze the speedometer was showing the arrow ahead of 85 and almost 90 (Gosh! What has got into me, immediately I started slowing). I took my off the speedometer to look at the road, but was too late.

A mama was standing almost at the middle of the road and asking me to stop, he was just ahead of me some how I managed to stop.

Mama : Enna speed limit laam theriyadha?

Me : {usual excuse } sir naan indha ooru ku pudhusu, enaku therilae. Naan rumba fast a laam otaliyae?

Mama: fast a otalia??? Adhu seri…. Seri urru ku dhaan pudhusu nalla sokka pant laam poturukae, unuku English kuda va padi ka theriyadhu…yethini yedathula speed limit poturukku ( by this time I knew I was loosing the argument, but had last excuse)

Me: (held my ID CARD half covered by my hand itself and wanted to tell him that, sir I am coming from vadapalni office and urgently going to ambattur office –actually was coming from home only, anyway wanted to try it) Sir enakku kunjom urgent a….

Mama: sir idha modhaliye solla kudadha ( naan onummae sollalae…. And I wanted to look at my ID CARD, do I resemble any big shot…or does my ID CARD have something else that I haven't seen yet…what does this guy think of me)

Mama: case attend pora…konjum medhuva po sar, illa neeye case aiyuduvae…!( what the heck….what case, what is he thinking, but I kept silent, simply blinking)

Mama: ini "+ "sticker otiko sir, police will not stop you. ( god! He thinks I am doctor)

Mama: seri seri poituva….


Came to office and looked at my ID CARD again, what made him think that I am doctor and even so do doctors wear ID CARD outside, whatever…. One ID CARD saved me atleast 100.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


If you want to speak English fluently Read the following message 5 times Quickly “I am a Can I “ “I am a When I” ----------------- God made daylight and called SUN God made entertainment and called FUN God made nightlight and called it MOON God made you called Tube light. --------------------------- IQ Question A rich man needs----------- A poor has------------------- If you eat------------ you will die Only word fits in all the blanks…. What is it? ------------------------------ read this rediff article and read this where is chennai heading?